Thursday, February 21, 2008

Entrapment Incident: THE FINAL CHAPTER

As you folks know from two previous over the last two weeks my 600 seconds entrapped in elevator 1 of the One Wachovia Tower gave me in trade a free car wash. As Andrew so kindly pointed out my prize had an expiration date so I felt compelled today to reward the hard efforts of my work bike with a scrubbin, that's right a scrubbin. A scrubbin it got too by a fine fellow named Brian who at first was a litte apprehensive about getting such a fine piece of machinery wet but after I told him I have ridden in the rain a plenty he obliged. I handed him my authentic certificate and explained to him that this bike wash was really important to me because Childress Klien was so nice to give it as a prize. He laughed at me at first but within no time he seemed to be laughing at the act of cleaning a bicycle which he has never had anyone come in to have done up. He wheeled my Fillmore over to the wall where he leaned it nicely and headed for the water hose. Hmm, water. Brian lightly wet the bike and then went to work with a sudsy rag making sure to hit the wheels and spokes. He was laughing while he worked like he was actually having a little on the job fun. At one point all straight faced in between these guttural burst of smiling belly laughter that almost sounded like soul he asked if I wanted wax on it. "Sure", my only retort. Next thing I knew he was hitting the frame with some pink spray in a clear shop bottle and then he toweled it down. the entire operation lasted less than my time entrapped in the elevator but somehow this experience was 1,000 times more. Speaking of Moore, thanks for the images to Moore Photography. Speaking of thank you, Brian thanks for teaching me a little something about how laughing is infectious. Speaking of infectious, thank you HM Queen Rania of Jordan for using your strength to help get 500,000 African children inoculated from infectious diseases. This is where I stop because I can hear you screaming.

Brian and I sharing a laugh

Explaining to Brian that it's okay if the Fillmore gets wet, while he explains to me that he never gets to car wash a bike
A man adjusting his trade
Clean bike, happy guy
"Hey Security, check out my new clean bike!"


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OK, I am definitely adding you on basis of this entry alone.


Billy said...

Aro botar???
Stay tuned for Entrapment Incident The Final Chapter Part 2~