Thursday, October 16, 2008

Americans are Angry

As well Mr. McCain they should be. For the love of everything that says truth would you look at all these stupid Helium filled plastic bags of joy floating around Charlotte's main Ave Yesterday during the 3 hour lunch window. My editor just informed me that these balloons and their handlers were out past the lunch window all the way until the end of the day. During the lunch time window is when I made the images. Nothing better demonstrates the stealth of the corporate plan of aggression by sneaking past Wackenhut Security into the elevators and buildings disguised with the smiles and colors that such fun bags provide. The message is in but really do people appear angry or simply just not thinking about it.
These 2 ladies are definitely not very angry but the guy walking towards them in the Nathan Vest is for he is about to eat the meat of a thousands cows in one meal.
Germany Circ. 1935
"Get your free balloons here, all colors each imprinted with the logo representing a board of directors that wants to take your money in exchange for providing you with absolutely nothing, get your balloons here!" maybe they are not free.
That's right kids, take these home and beg your parents to take you to the medieval land of plaster blown on to the wire cage mesh that is in the shape of a castle. They will spend tons of money they don't have, heck bring them home a new VISA and the experience will just cause more anger.
Dude, for real. I started to but I cannot, either way this fellow is not angry at all.
But this statue is for he was alive then and is presently staring at the now. As a matter of fact after all these folk left the square this statue dropped his mining pan and slapped his forehead confiding in me how angry he is that this is what America has come to in the last 150 years.
No lady I do not want a balloon, you've asked me 6 times now and all I really want to do is take pictures. Mr. McCain she does not seem angry at all but if she asks me one more time I just may be.
Hey you guys let's bring these up to the office that way we can perpetuate the good vibe that they bring and then more will want to come down and get more because more is what it really is all about.
Symbolic, National Pride of the best country in the world.


Jen said...

You have a wonderful way of capturing the absurd in what most people would see as so normal that they wouldn't even stop to think about it. Good job, Bill.

Billy said...

Thanks Jen,
I appreciate you noticing that I have the ability to pay attention to what is really going on right in front of and around me.