Friday, October 31, 2008

Blue Eyed Foster

A week ago we got the call to help with a 2 month old female Husky Foster that had been turned in by someone who "Just could not handle this puppy". Well, I do say sir or maam that your brains may just be filled with some sort of poop or other brown mushy material for I have been blown away by this little dog's innate behaviour instincts which have been easy, eye opening and fun to nurture. I know it has only been a week but I feel like this special puppy is going to be an extraordinary K-9 companion to whomever perhaps even myself accepts as a permanent part of the family. This Husky is close to the wild with a clean, smart, alert, strong, furry and quick witted temperament that has her always receiving info through her eyes, ears and nose. I have one more week or perhaps the rest of her life to go and will update soon. Please if you can help and are a responsible adult go be a foster home for loving pets through the Charlotte Humane Society, they do not need much but they do need you. Ask for Linda, tell her Billy sent you and you will receive head of the line privileges to get in there and help.......

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