Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sponsored by Skoal

My boy Rondal sent me this image that someone took of us in the parking lot at Poplar Tent back not quite but almost in the awesome 80's( I think the fall of 93). Come to think of it maybe it was Swanny who took the pic who joined us after we had already gone around once. This was a training ride for the newly formed Team Skoal which never really got off the ground, most of the riders usually puked before they could complete a single lap on any course. As you can see my proud cheek and gum dip apparent that I am not signaling for world peace which will never happen anyways(sorry Bono, believe me I know you are trying), instead I am identifying the 2 times that I hurled projectile vomit while riding around the trail. Smokeless Tobacco on the trail will do that to you and I highly recommend never doing it unless of course you are sponsored by a tobacco company in which case go for it, wear it on your sleeve or full scary tobacco kit as if it were a Hilfiger collared shirt because at least you are getting paid to ride and getting a bunch of free shit which is what life is really all about, just ask any kewl bike messenger and they will tell you.

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