Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday Sherman Branch-New Stuff

New Bridge A closer look
Near the start of the new exit single track section
Okay, this is taken facing the wrong direction on the new but for a reason.
You can see the Porta Jon in the left hand side of the frame, vibrant green and from this distance already smells as if something is happening at Sherman.
I am dizzy.
Wednesday after an economic crawl at work and the return stay alive I loaded up the Montero for the 6'sh mile drive out to Sherman and was in the trail by 1630hrs. Nothing much eventful about the ride, parking lot nearly empty this time, no throngs of thrill seekers rolling in packs and bright colors with squish and gears. On the first section off the double track left in the single track I did see some new trail infrastructure, in this case a perfectly planted bridge over a rough spot. Woot-Woot, new bridge, so exciting I stopped and made a photo to be able to share today. Through the course, no music just the sound of leaves in the wind and squirrels, tons of them wrestling around in the underbrush and fallen tree limbs. At the end something new on the left was a short new single track exit right after the left turn/right turn arrows. A few meters from the parking lot I smelled the Porta Jon which is right where the new pops you out. I went back in and made some more spinning pictures to share. The woods were still there and then I went home.

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