Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Ghost of Sherman Havin' a Blast

ghostly images of me on stunt provided by Mike Domras using my camera, Sony DSC-H7
click for bigger like super size
that's right bastard, Sherman on a Tuesday afternoon and what syncro indeed. The parking lot was packed before 5p, I mean packed, almost scary packed like there was a pay for event going down or something but perhaps Wachovia at 87 cent like 50 without all the thug or drugs in the club gave the chance for some souls to finally be free early and stop wasting their time chasing the dream. Hell, there is nothing happening in those big buildings like what's going on in the woods anyways. Before taking off and in, I Saw purplish big wheels in the corner, had a chat about images of racing with a baby in belly and then saw none other than Miguel Domras of Half Assed Racing getting ready for a training ride with his inferior 26" wheeled, geared, tubed, cage pedal'd, skinny tire'd, v-brake'd slow heavy race bike. Miguel and I have known each other since way back in the day when we went on my inaugural trip to North America's 3rd tallest mountain which happens to be a volcano with dreams of a glacier covered experience on the summit for at least like 20 minutes of an 8 day trip. He and I also went for a very successful February climb of Mt. Washington NH the February before last. It was not so much high that was a worry as was the cold and wind. A very beautiful landscape with whiteness abound for sure.
I took off before he and Ron and came around to the silos after 1 Roller Coaster to get on Domras' inferior small wheel back in to the RC. Woots, laughs, over V braking and then I went by for a chance at the front. Next thing I knew I was back around to the Silos again with them not in sight or hearing distance so I went back into the RC yet again to find them on the little last hill before the last decent into the final drawn out climb out. We chatted for a minute and then Domras and I took off and out of the RC again and onto the main. So many people, traffic on the trail traveling sometimes in 4 or 3's. The stunt is where we found full face(sorry man, the pic of you that Domras took never came out....he took it long before you even hit a board) milling about wondering when they put it in. Anyways we all rode it multiple times, took some pics and cheered on the continuous traffic of riders rolling up and being forced to go over so that tifosi would not boo.
By then it was later than it should have been but then again everything is speeding up towards the end of the Mayan calendar so I headed out with full face and went home.

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