Thursday, October 30, 2008

Political Refuse to the Landfill in Mass QTY

So yesterday the mail man delivered to not only just me but perhaps the entire Mecklenburg and State of North Carolina for the love of God this fine piece of Republican Elizabeth Dole's plan to do her part in ruining the earth. Did over a million of these go out state wide? Yea, Yea I know Liz your plea is ignorance which there is plenty of in your party, woot-woot party but let's face it, even though I never really liked what you represent in the political arena faith based misconceptions you have now officially pissed me off with your clown like painted face and larger than mine head. Please Stop sending non recyclable trash promoting the gains of the wealthiest 2 percent of the state of which you are proud to represent via the United States Postal Service. Once it arrives at some one's house they pick it up, look at the disbelief in their own contorted face in the faux mirror made of whatever Dow Chemical is smeared on the surface then they throw the political flyer into their garbage can. In this day of linear thought in a closed environment like the globe it then winds up with the rest of them you have spent money on in the humongous landfill down by Ballentoon. Do you really think that the energy crisis in this country is on the way to being solved by adding to the waste? Of course you do not, you are only thinking about yourself while you sit there in your McMansion sporting your own pastel earth tone colored life is good T-Shirt with a cartoon Bubble of mountain sized pile of these stupid plastic leaflets rotting in the sun emitting noxious gas near where all those poor people live. Thanks so much Liz.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Stick a fork in Lizzie, she's done. Bad news for her, good news for Bob as I'm sure he's been missin' that poon. Whoa, that was uncalled for but seriously, she is the Anti-Christ.

Billy said...

totally, thanks for giving me the mental image of her as 'poon' to ole Bobby, never thougth of that one. I maybe slightly damaged for the visual now in my cortex.