Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boo-did I scare you?

The other day on my way into the Jar I passed the Thirsty Beaver(former header image as well as 5 star establishment on Central near the train tracks) and noticed that they had staged out back this big wood cut out picture prop just like you would have seen at a turn of the century carnival. I rolled around through the gravel parking lot by the Kudzu to see what type of front this picture board had, goody it's a boobie booth! That's right, next I found a garbage can to turn over and set my camera on. After dropping the messenger bag and sort of semi disrobing with a homeless dude on the sidewalk staring at me with his bags of stuff at his feet I hit the shutter timer and ran around for the shot. Thanks to that effort all y'all now have this image to look at today and the rest of your life in your mind's eye! Congrats.


KingJimmy said...

That picture makes me feel violated.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Good stuff!

Billy said...

Thanks GJR....you know this good stuff is awfully hard to pass up when I roll up on it...King Jimmy, your welcome!