Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stop Clowning Around-go Ride!

Check out this balding scary artistic impression of a modern\antiquated clown that I ran into on CommonWealth Ave the day before yesterday. If you look closely you can find it in the conglomeration O'Fjear on the lovely home I have posted as the present(stay tuned could change any minute) header image. Pretty Scary eh? More to follow later in the week.

Hey Thad, Squiring as recently promoted Lt. for Team Dicky last night at Sherman Almost ripped my legs off, especially on the first half. Okay, maybe we were not going that fast but as a matter of fact maybe we were. The ride's Patron made it clear, that the intent of tonight's training ride would be fast, that's it just fast. So I followed and made sure that I got into his tiny little slip stream that felt like it was protecting only my left calf from the wind giving me that slight advantage that I needed. The back co-pilot seat of this little trail train through the single track was an extraordinary perspective. My gums were bleeding, my teeth ached(not so much from the effort but from the late afternoon Dentist Appointment I had with fellow Cyclist Doc Johnson) but at least I had no cavities and was given a good report on the condition of my teeth. Following Rich through the woods is like attending a national spelling be, you just know that the little person in front of you could humiliate you at any second but he is holding off in an effort not to embarrass you. Boy, that was a stupid analogy but maybe you get my point unless of course you are a really good speller. Anyways, we ripped through and over the course in fine fashion and I was happy that he sat up a bit on the back half of the ride after the new stunt. There was not even time to take a picture although I tried, I blew the shot of Rich riding over the stunt and because of the pace had to put my camera back up and get back on the train right away. Sorry, no images other than the above clown. We got out of there before dark and I headed home to tend to the mules and start a fire. LIG


cornfed said...

quick spell bucolic.
oh wait, damn, that didn't work. if we were in small suits and clip on ties in front of our parents I'd humiliate the crap out of you and dicky.

wish we were in downie.


Billy said...

Downie would be great for real. Snow up on those slopes, fat tires and the Yuba River....Damn man.