Thursday, October 2, 2008

Seeing Red all Over

Since the end of last week or the begging of time it is the color of the liquid flowing into the desert floor of Mesopotamia right now, a means for our great life and directly related to all that is coming our way which no one really, truly likes to give mental consideration to let alone have a discussion about over coffee. Blood. Strangers, 350 million American strangers, actively not thinking about it, it is too much to handle, life is too good while the red still flows in far away places so that the ticker can fall red concerning themselves a bit more now seeing their In God We Trust Units are at stake but still not wanting to talk about the direct connection in the cosmos to give and get back. The alliance of the free, free what, food, ignorance, greed? Fill in the blank. For those of us who have adapted the bike to their day to day lives not just as a representation of how cool we actually are be paying attention, these poop stains behind the wheel are freaking loosing it with red aggression, it is in their eyes. I have had 2 serious encounters with the auto viper since Monday and they are both connected separately to the end of what they have come to know as the good life. No Gas, transfer, 'that little fuck on the bike deserves to die', 'look at him riding around like he has done for a third of his life like he is free or something.' The first one was involving a red striped white pick up truck owned by the Charlotte Mecklenberg Fire Department which was being driven by the huge crew cut guy behind the dark shades and tucked in collared shirt logo-CFD saves lives. My policy affective immediately last week when I first witnessed uncontrolled anger at the pump has been, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" After he came way to close to give me his message of being jealous of the way I flew thru the intersection I told him that he could have always just went ahead and run me over, his point would have been better well served by that action. I jumped out in front of those big wheels and slowed him down. Hands in the air, I'm innocent of being at your dispense to extend the power of your failing system, you fool. All he could do was get on the radio and lie.
Next Small car, big guy, infamous sexy goatee(a trend that I personally started in the 90's but abandoned once I realized it actually caught on)frustrated in that he is trapped behind the wheel
and he cannot find gas. He is running on E but I'm not and so he yelled some shit right at my right ear on an uphill 4 abreast auto viper one way Ave while I was maintaining my spin in the shit gutter where I belong. As soon as I told him how stupid he was and that he really wanted to be me but couldn't because he was obviously too weak he swerved the car jerk left basically missing contact by less than a foot. Oh, you red neck go ahead, hit me with your car, the extension of how great your pitiful life really is, send me on my light transfer it will be just like killing those kids in Pakistan except here you will be able to at least see your tax dollars at work. He swerved again, feigned getting out of the car ahead of me, maybe to shoot, maybe to spit, maybe to piss his pants when I take him out in defense of my American freedom to protect myself from the harm of the truth. Yes I am free.
Breathing, I have been taught by one of the best around the time October 2005. An amazing experience without it being as cool as going to yoga but way more personal and I can practice this any place or time I want to. Scott taught me to sit with a Clock(second hand necessary) and take in a 10 second breath, transfer, exhale the same 10 seconds, transfer, take in 15 second breath, transfer, exhale the same 15 seconds....keep repeating this upping the breath in and out in 5 second increments until you get to the 60 second mark and you will find a complete awareness of not only the physical shape and size of your diaphragm but you will discover places in your lungs that you had never known about. Anyways back then and occasionally since in times of quiet non book discovery of my meditative state I had practice this technique and always felt good about it. Since Sunday through today It is happening to me involuntarily. While awake for 4 days now about every 30 minutes or so that deep breathing exercise has taken over, sometimes starting with a 30 second inhale, 5 deep breaths in and out staring at myself in the mirror of the elevator wondering what the hell my intuitive mechanism is actually trying to tell me right this instant. That is right, I feel strongly that my intuition is actually working over drive right now. You can hear it as well if you listen, something around the time of Sunday a few days past has changed the cosmic direction of what tomorrow will bring. This ain't no joke and I'm not joking.