Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Effort\Blog News-Side Bar Expansion

This past Saturday I had the honor of taking pictures during the nuptials of my friends Jen and Chris. It was an easy day of work because of not only their natural beauty but they were also very comfortable in their wedding environment surrounded by their friends and the pastoral setting of a 25 acre wooded peninsula on the lake. I made over 450 digital images, 28-35mm chrome slides and 10-two and a quarter inch chrome positives. Congrats you guys, thanks for allowing me to be part of the first day of the rest of your life together.

Green links You.

My side bar has been expanding, have a peek when you can.

First order of business is Smoot's Blog aka Ilan Paltrow who has been tolerating me rummaging through the bins of death at his bike stores since the day he arrived. I guess he has owned this blog site as long as he has but most recently he decided to actually update it. Scroll down to InterBike Part 1 and look at the amazing post mortem photo he made of none other than Lance Armstrong himself, classic. Then in today's post you will see the girl named Josie who was in a similar race but wound up not quite so dead looking. Check in on Smoot, his brilliant thoughts, pictures and whatever it is he is up to because what ever that may be it is always fun, witty and may involve physical challenge.

Rachel Van Slyke who dropped by earlier in the summer while headed north on her 4,100 mile music bike tour which ended recently now has a bloggy that you can read here. She is an extraordinary musician as well as an experienced long haul cyclist who can carry a 100lb load. I had the chance to talk to her early last week, she was in up state New York and was feeling like maybe heading south again soon this time to find that place in the country. The only hold up may be what ever comes from to the powerful force that is changing the direction of this fine nation which all of us who are paying attention can feel and hear is coming.
Last but not least, however just born the furthest away on the continent known as Australia is one of Charlotte's most talented film(that's right still shooting in the real then converting to the light blips) photographers, Chris Radok. Radok, backwards for Kodar, something to do with Kodak formulas related to certain film discovery in the 50's. At any rate Radok's work is an extraordinary comprehensive portfolio of the faces of Charlotte and those who have stopped by to have a look see in the Jar. I met Radok years ago when he was assigned to take our pictures because the Loafing was doing a story on how cool we messengers really are but pretend not to be, maybe that is the other way around. Read Sam Boykin's story and see Radok's pics HERE. Radok's professional attention to detail is obvious, to see just have a look inside and get ready to be moved. Great work Chris!

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