Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Stunt at Sherman Branch

This was how I saw it, a little dizzy and sweaty on approach Side View
Clean Approach
Reverse Angle
After an interesting Day 2 of the Apocalypse at work running around like a chicken with my head cut off waiting for the sky to fall over perhaps the last jobs ever available on my bike in the Jar I broke away for the homeward bound Stay Alive commute with the intent to change gear and get out to Sherman Branch for a late afternoon pastoral experience. Pastoral it was. At the trail head by 1640hrs, saw Jerry and then out chasing yellow shirt and his friend black shirt who left 8 minutes before me while I was fiddling with my kid's MP3 player trying to find the old U2 and new Beirut that I had buried amongst the Hanah Montana and Jonas Brothers.
The Desert Storm Mt. Zion felt fast, it was nice to be on the trail on a week night eve. October came over the ear phones and into my head, 'october when kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall'. At the end of the roller coaster I passed black shirt and then on the main in the middle came behind yellow shirt. We rode for a bit then he down shifted and let me by. Not far up from there I came to the straight away with the log ride on the left and to my surprise there was a new stunt right there in front of me. I went right at it not slowing, I stood up as tall as I could at the approach to visually make sure there was not a huge life\I-9 ending drop on the back side and pedaled right up. At the apex of the first whoop I clipped my right pedal, for a flash of a second thought I was dead and then over down up a whoop again, down then off. Fun, Scary at the beginning and refreshingly new in a familiar spot.
Yellow Shirt came up while I was taking some pictures of the new infrastructure and he tacitly decided not to ride it so he kept on, I never saw him again.
When I rolled away I wondered how long the new wood work had been there, did I have the scoop on the new? Whatever that means I must have been feeling something because when I got home Jerry called me after getting my number from Dicky and wanted to know how I felt it rode. I laughed uncontrollably into the phone so loud in response that Jerry(who I had never talked to on the phone-I don't think) must have held the phone back. Of course I rode it. It was brilliant. Thanks Mr Murray and Jerry for taking the time to improve what is already perfect on my home course.

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