Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flashback March 05

Long before I started talking to Dr. Bloggy in the morning I snapped this picture of Josh my dedicated co-worker standing next to the heap that became my bike and trailer after I did a not so cool forced dismount/reverse not 360. This first post back from the doldrums of deep thoughts related to a desperate nation of which I am helping to pay for I would like to thank Josh Publicly for not only all of the "Holy Crap he did what?" moments in our work relationship but more significantly his day to day efforts on the street entirely through the now. The J, as he is liked to be called in The Jar has perhaps the most difficult shift of any of the rookies in town. Our business services the in town bike courier needs for 8 Law Firms at any given time, some of which I have been dedicated to for the past 10 years and 9 months. Their needs collectively can sometimes be out of the range of physical capacity for those regular companies but Josh always seems to deal well with the stresses put on him while he is covering that afternoon shift from 2 till past 5. There have been multiple cases in the past few weeks since the post office is sinking faster than the Titanic that The J has had to double back, be in 2 places at once then double back again to exceed the clients expectations on the completion of 'Late' jobs as well as not lose any billable work for his paycheck. Change, he is indeed and his survivability in his role as messenger is well proven. Thanks Josh, I know your job can be harder at times than mine even though we are wearing the same colors. Keep up the good work, even though it may not seem so at times people are paying attention and your effort is helping to shape your character and the reproach of which you hold yourself to.

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