Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dooleyville Beaver Appears

The other night whilst Ms. Arcen and I went on our neighborhood ride we stopped at the bridge to drop a line. The fish were not biting but then again they never do. All of a sudden in the quiet the elusive Dooleyville Beaver popped it's head out of the water 20 meters off shore. This aqua mobile varmint has left us evidence of his presence for around about 8 years now but we had not made contact until this fateful night. He or she for that matter swam right towards us and aimed for the pipe that goes under the bridge that connects the main Loch Dooley with the smaller pond. I missed the close up shot of the beaver just under the surface of the water as it dove through the pipe but I was moved by what I saw none the less. This creature was big, and the way it kicked and swam with it's flat tail was powerful generating hydro action on the water's surface. The algae covered tail was complex looking with the little cross pattern just like in the cartoons. This beaver looked old, like he/she had been around awhile, perhaps as long as I have been. We ran to the other side of the road and watched it exit into the smaller pond where he/she headed across then into the woods. It is amazing to me that a Beaver is holding on to what it can here in the Jar.

1 comment:

AloneTogether said...

Beavers are good luck.
and their furs are prickly.
theres one that hides in my friends pond.
she swears it eats cat food.
try to lure it with that next time.
good times.