Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Fosters

Embargo(right), Emperor(left) are the Humane Society of Charlotte's official names for these little lab cutie patuties. Within a few hours of being here for their 2 week foster stay their names quickly changed to who they really are. Meet Boog foster
and his broham Elliot aka Smelliot
Boog showing his curiosity of fellow dog creature by giving Danger(aka Seal Blubber) a sniff.
These 2 fosters have been quite special. They spent 15 days here and never complained a bit. Boog and Elliot's crate training went extra well, each night sleeping quietly no less than 7.5hrs. These guys packed in well with the existing 4 by following their lead on good house training skills. Boog and Elliot also showed good K-9 behaviour around the cat. Please, if you or anyone you know can help with a permanent adoption of one or both of these pups contact The Humane Society of Charlotte to set up a visit.
Flash Alert! I just saw that Mcfly, the luckiest kitten ever is still needing a home. That means you need him to go home with you as soon as possible. Thanks for saving the little guy who had already been saved.

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Hey Bill, Give me a call w/ your #...John Varchminn. Who's your mama bitch???