Monday, April 20, 2009

Seconds, Not Minutes From Very Big/Important Courier Meeting

This 1 image from a Serious Courier meeting past says it all. Strictly Business, very influential people in the industry attended to discuss and plan BIG things as well as more meetings for the future where we will continue to plan for more BIG things.
Playing the role of Couriers in deep thought at the meeting sitting right to left are The J and Dicky
If anything other than vague innuendo comes out of one these meetings I will be sure to pass the data on to you so that the idea we are actually doing anything could be perpetuated forward while we are all living the dream. Remember, meetings are officially important and they imply a certain status that the world looks up to, so go to a meeting and get something planned with some like minded people today!

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Anonymous said...

Nice Common Market throwback capture! The sepia really reflects the warm yet tarnished nostalgia for the old place.

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