Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Out-Pansy Style!

Well, it is around 0600hrs and I am not in the peloton that is presently headed 220 road miles south/east to Isle of Palms SC, they left from here in the Jar roughly 2 hours ago. Excuses other than being a pansy are listed below. It is and has been raining for days here in the south east, hahahhahahhahahaha. I have been on some great rides so far in this life but this ride, Ilan's best idea ever for the past 2 years has been one of my favs. You can read last year's Double Down story here and here, as well the account of the attempt to make it back to the Jar by clicking here.

I made this image of Ilan last year during the long ride.
This is Duncan, right now he wishes he was sitting on my rain fender(ed)wheel.
Dude is responsible for the rest of these images from last year's Double Down.
Excuses List
#1-There wasn't anyone willing to go with me on the Double Down and then back, this time all the way.
#2-I agreed a month ago to do a photo project of a flag football tournament in Panther Stadium that starts tomorrow.
That light Dicky let me use was really bright!
#3-I love my job so much that I did not want to take the day off from being paid to ride in the rain to go and not be paid to ride in the rain.
#4-I lost my pack light Gore Jacket and have not yet replaced it.

Me and Honesty Abe in the start of the low country
#5-The ride starts so early, I would have lost precious beauty sleep.
#6-It is a hard ride.
#7-I have done this ride for the last 2 years, how exciting could it be?
#8-This unsanctioned event is not approved by my sponsor, oh wait I don't have one.
#9-Did I mention it is raining?
#10-My last and biggest Excuse is and will be forever my own regret for not being there on a challenging long ass ride with a group of friends(and strangers) when I knowingly have the physical capacity to do such. Sorry Ilan, I will be there again one day.


Doug said...

Now I don't feel so bad about not going again this year (not that I made it the whole way last year!) I know Ilan's going to miss having you on the front, pulling the train! My excuse? I've got a Crit tomorrow and a Road Race Sunday :)

Have a great day Billy!

cornfed said...

we still love you billy, even if you aren't a hero. But then again, you are and will always be.

Billy said...

Gee thanks Thad....and Doug please send me an email some time(not sure what yours is), I have a question I have been meaning to ask you as well good luck in your races this weekend!