Thursday, April 30, 2009

ArsBars Races-Nails Podium Spot Plus Hoffenchard Sighting!

Ars crosses the finish line in 3rd place with new invisible helmet technology from Trek during last night's premier Charlotte MTB summer race series at Beatty .
Here she is answering questions from a reporter after stepping down from the podium.
The intensity on her face is real as she describes the race as 'easy' however the height of the podium made her seriously dizzy and dry mouthed.
After she kissed me on the neck it was easy to get Ars to drop her pants for me.
Hoffenchard!!!! Herb just like the weed was in fine form last night with a strong performance. Herb said he would be back next time for more.
Ms. Arcen found a hill.
Remember being 10 when little dirt hills stimulated the mind. This is of course before one sees landscape above 6,000, 10,000 and 20,000 feet.
Not racing but still enthused.
Bart chasing down Vinny to get a pictue of his tongue.
Vinny Cactus in fine form with tongue ladened shocker rolling.
I wanted to tell her that her seat was too low but she did not have time to stop and listen because of the race.
Skiddaladophy on his SS Niner making the tight pass or is he actually getting chumped by that geared rider? The only ones who know for sure are him, the geared rider and myself. Of course I dare not tell.
403 getting ready to crack the spirits of the younger rider ahead.
Wait a minute, is that bike the same color as my Zion?
Perry Lee reaching deep into his suitcase of courage at last night's event.
All Biz....

The job of pulling this little train is causing this Kenda rider's helmet to rise off of his head.
Here cometh the leading men.


Blair said...

Vinny Cactus is so fast, his number plate flew off!!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...


wv: inters

Vinnycractus said...

i don't race................I poach.

springer said...

Anonymous Vinnycractus said...

i don't race................I poach.

Nice Vinny

Doug said...

yo Billy - heard that you met the off-spring at the mtb race! he's heard a lot about you - and now has a face to go w/ the name!

Billy said...

yeppers indeed Doug, I met your biological re-representation that night at the race, he seemed like a clean kid with stength potential on the 2 wheeled machine. It was nice to finally have the answer to my question about who was running the SB site that I have on my sidebar and use to know if I should go ride or not. The timing was not good at the race but maybe next one I could do a bloggy interview with him if he were interested....