Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tour de Turkey Pen-Slide Show

and of course smart ass commentary starting with Team Dicky and his "Billy, we gotta leave The Jar by 0600hrs so we won't be late that way everyone else can be which will give me 43minutes to eat my Wholly Organic Pop Tarts not made by Kellogg's and you will have plenty of time to fix the dish of your front wheel in the parking lot." Here come the troops.
Dennis Just Dennis with a sweet effortless parallel bike portage that showed the Master something you will see shortly.
Tim K. pro style through the tree gate thinking to himself, "I wonder whose Bike I will awkwardly crash into later."
Leanne just happy that it will not be her bike that Tim decides to fall into.
Leanne cannot stop smiling because she just had to keep a straight face while helping Tim get unclipped from the heap that he became on top of the Wevenator's rear wheel.
Sam and John following Leanne's lead cannot help but smile about how funny Tim's fall over was, plus the water feels really good in their shoes.
Dicky utilizing the Dennis Just Dennis 2 handed parallel bike portage technique.
Look out Eric! Here comes Rob
and he cares not about his rear hub
or his bottom bracket for that matter
but his glory will last forever!
Dennis trying to stay as far ahead of Tim as possible.
ahhhhh pastoral relief from the Jar.
The queue for some fresh filtered water,
of which there was plenty.
A 15 times closer look up stream.
What the other people do while there is a queue for water,
they wait and wonder why they did not bring a 100oz Camel Back to fill.
"Did you guys see me keeping a straight face while I was helping Tim off of Eric's rear wheel??"
Turner anyone?
Equestrians and Bike Folk Meeting and Passing. Notice the Horses instinctively staying far right to avoid the possibility that Tim may fall over into them.

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