Sunday, April 26, 2009

Orphan Pups Need Home

Ms. Arcen snapped this image of fosters Cashmere(left) and Angora snoozing on the porch with Zula the former foster. These 2 pups just went back to the Humane Society of Charlotte yesterday, they will be spayed tomorrow and ready to go home with you by mid week. Chaz and Putters became their nick names during their 2 week stay with us, don't ask because I am truly not sure. These little gals were fine around the other big dogs as well as the cat and once again during night their time spent in the crate passed by rather quietly. If you or any one you know can help out with an adoption of these little ones please contact the fine folks at the Humane Society, they could use you help!

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

I perused your "followers" list and they are indeed a motley crew, reminiscent of POWs mixed with the Manson Family, i.e., people I have much in common with. My Elite/Pro cycling team (Team Hoffenchard) only has 3 followers, but they're probably anarchists, or copraphiliacs, or both so that makes them worth approximately 20 regular followers, but that's based on the David Koresh Model, an algorithm established by Blogspot last year to assign follower values.

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