Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Get Your Fooding Here

Dude, Louisiana Shimp? Seriously, this lady's sign maker(hiding crouched behind the sign) must have the same r-less spelling editor that I use. I have been known to let simple spelling mistakes get posted, like peleton for peloton just this past Friday. Of course peloton is the correct way to spell the French word for small pellet, pack or platoon. That's right those of you driving by or riding your bike along the Centrolian Split(aka Central Ave), come buy some 6 day old Shimp that has been transported in back of this diesel burning box truck that had it's refrigeration unit stolen the week Hurricane Katrina hit. This Shimp was scooped up in very large nets that trolled the lower Mr Go(Mississippi River Gulf Outlet) where all the urban petro run off from the headwaters in Minnesota down to Louisiana pours into. Nothing like a little chemical of a Nation soaked creature to put inside of your human system. Don't worry these out of state crustacean peddlers have added a little bleach water to mask the real smell emanating from these coolers. If you go by to get yours please let them know you found out about their road side Shimp store from my blog, that way I will get a free pound next time I roll by. Blog Marketing, it is the way of the future.

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springer said...

my favorite is the guy selling HIGH quality steak that comes to my door driving the 1980 something chevy s-10 that is smoking, rusted, and a bit cock eyed....but he has nice wheels, only in Lincoln County would that be acceptable.