Friday, July 17, 2009

American Birthday Celebrations

It was brought to my attention that yesterday was the 64th Birthday of the American owned first ever Atomic Detonation. How about that, yet another American Anniversary that we can be proud of. Congrats America on being the first but not the last in the race for the future and Happy Birthday to the Bomb!

photo from net taken 64 years ago by brave photographer wearing goggles, mask, rubber boots/gloves and a charcoal lined suite.
During further independent research I discovered that yesterday was also the 100th birthday of the NAACP. Mr. Obama obviously chose the Centennial Celebration of such a fine entity that was born to support the advancement of African Americans long before they had the Right to Vote over the party that was being held at the WMD Camp in Cheyenne Wyoming. Happy Birthday NAACP-Keep the party going!!

Photo swiped from unnamed NYTimes photographer. Mr Obama is telling a fishing story about the one that got away and is showing the crowd how big it 'really' was.
Photo Credit on the NY Times Cover Today reads: Ozier Muhammed

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