Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recent Courier Observations

On Saturday afternoon after the 24hrs of Booty I had the chance to ride with former ex Messenger Toe-Mas(Thomas) on our individual commutes home. He had just finished riding the event with honor for Team Gita. These observations are mine and are in no particular order of importance.

1. Inbound morning commute car traffic is down to almost nothing from this time last year. The Stay Alive has become strangely quiet at the time of day that it should be loud.

2. A mini van cab pulled in front of the BOA Corporate Center less than 3 meters from where I sat. The immigrant driver(whom I did not recognize as familiar) quickly got out, slammed the door shut and ran across Tryon disappearing into the building on the other side of the street. I stood up in disbelief that no one else seemed to notice. I approached the abandoned cab and saw a mid sized red, black and silver Euro back pack sitting up right in the passenger seat which was the Corp Center side. I notified the cops and put the corner of the building in between the van and myself. The Cops approached and the driver watching from a window came running back across the street and professed his apologies based on his own ignorance. He then jumped in the van and drove north. The police did not stop and ask him any questions.

3. The Uptoon tooneries have less of a lunch crowd.

4. Building construction on North College is Manhattan style big.

5. New Civil Filings in Mecklenburg County thus far this year have reached nearly 17,000. That is 3 months ahead of last year's number.

6. 3 cases of Domestic Violence have come close to me in the past few months and in my entire life I cannot remember knowing 1. My association is knowing the victims in 2 of the cases and being a friend of the victim's friend in the other. In each of these cases hands were laid on the neck of the victim before the accused realized that the actions were a bad idea.

7. If you have a Masters degree you can buy your Canadian citizenship for around 3,000$

8. The amount of homeless in Charlotte is increasing not decreasing and some of the new are telling amazing stories of their slip from the 'middle class'.

9. There are more airplane con trails in the sky than I ever remember seeing.

10. The o3 has been away most of this summer thus far and is now starting to show itself over the past few days.


Kevin said...

Since you changed the header image can you tell the story behind the old one? I knew exactly where that was taken the moment I saw it. It was kinda rustic looking in a industrial way.

Billy Fehr said...

You are the second person to inquire about the Belmont Strip Mall Header. I pulled off the I-Hatey 5 South bound Saturday morning on the way to Greenville and saw the Radio Shack which is the subject. Lance Armstrong just announced the other day that he is going to be back next year racing with his new Team(No I in Team)sponsored by Radio Shack which appeared like a shack to me in the low morning sun. So, that is it. I just saw a stange irony between that store and a pro cycling Team.

the original big ring said...

i don't have my masters, but i have a degree - will split the difference and sell it to you for $1500 . . . but USD