Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Farm Minutes

Early morning Friday July 17, 2009 I took Ms. Arcen to Frank Hodges' farm out on Rocky River Church Road. The kid has been taking horse riding lessons there for over a year and so far this summer she has spent quite a bit of time on the farm learning, working and riding more. At 0730hrs I made this image of her peering into the main barn while holding Coconut as the lucky black cat moves around her feet. A closer look at Coconut.
Later that afternoon at around 1600hrs I arrived back at the farm to pick up the kid when I noticed the unobstructed view to the North from Frank's back field was showing some dramatic clouds billowing and stacking up. This is the first of 5 images that I made of this very powerful cloud.
Clouds are constantly changing, only holding their present pose for seconds.
This one was extraordinarily big at the base. The main part of the cloud rose like an 8,000meter peak into the heavens while a thin wispy cloud veiled its upper summit. Big clouds like this remind me of landscapes in the sky that I have seen and been close to.
The veil around the top of this gigantic cloud only held for a few fleeting seconds but it was enough time to get an exposure. In this frame I purposely left the tree top in the bottom left to help give a perspective of scale to you my lovely audience.
I sent these images to a local photo critic who observed that they were interesting however they seemed a bit surreal. Surreal is defined as: having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic. Let me assure you that these clouds were very much real but only for a few seconds exactly as I present them to you. After I made my last exposure the veil completely lifted from the top and the cloud slipped slowly away to the east as the lower clouds from underneath blocked the view of the taller main cloud.


Doug Brummett said...

I think your critic was spot on. Surreal is the exact thought I had to describe the last set you posted. I had to stare for a while, but even then it was like my eyes were playing tricks.

Kristin Kisner said...

the clouds are mythical and the photograph captured exactly that. I felt like I was looking at a mural on the ceiling of an ancient cathedreal. maybe leonardo looked at similar clouds?

Billy Fehr said...

Doug and Krist-in!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and emotional transfers from seeing these cloud images, I appreciate your brilliant honesty.