Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Machine Crashed

There will be an interruption in your B-Log service. Last night while I was dumping pictures from some memory my computer screen went blue in a shade I had never seen before. The white letters of HTML jumble flew across, then in English: Your system will fail and your disk will collapse in 70 seconds. Just as my brain registered what I was reading the countdown from 70 seconds started. At Zero seconds the light collapsed on itself and I lost my operating system but not my life. Weird, I feel as if I have been AI'd by a higher power that determined with artificial intelligence that my risk score was now well over the average American's so my art was squashed electronically. Oh well. I did do a system back up last week which is good news as for the safety of some images. The machine is under warranty so perhaps after a pain in the ass I may get it back. Until then I will continue living as I hope you do.

Theoretical causes to this cyber assault and battery will follow.

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Anonymous said...

Ubuntu is a free OS and easy to learn; just sign up on the help forums for help 24 - 7.

The install is easy too; just make a disk from the current release that on their webpage. You don't really have to test it and make sure the hashes are correct, they usually are ... just run the disk and it will install.

In minutes you have an OS.