Friday, July 10, 2009

Land of Brave Weapons-My Self Initiated Rendition

In case you were wondering I did not take this picture, I found it on the net. I would credit the photographer but it was a nameless drone. Seriously, look at every detail of this image. It has been recently suggested to me that because of my attitude towards the end result of my Federal Tax share going to support Blind War Planes that I should pack my bags and move. I mean with no eyes how in the hell can this vehicle accurately deploy those under wing side mounted missiles of small mass destruction in hostile territory, Pakistan, Yemen or pretty much anywhere in the Middle East, Africa or who knows where? They cannot which is why so many innocent people die as a result. Sometimes those killed leave behind relatives who survive them creating images that haunt me for I am here helping pay for it while I watch the toon get by daily very much oblivious.

The present situation is Global, life is not better in any of the not so 192 United Nations or the cream of the crop top 26 NATO Nations. It is all the same desperate toonery. I do not want to go any place like this where I will not be able to understand the questions about why it is so hot when the Corporate Plan of Aggression finally catches up to itself. That leaves left the places that I would constantly be looking up into the sky for the Blind Death flights being driven from Washingtoon, Qatar, off shore on an AirCraft Carrier, Munich(Munchen) or the Hilton in West Palm to go flying by over my head and release my punishment for thinking about the consequences of a Nation's actions. No Sir and or Ma'am. I would rather walk towards it every day with my eyes wide open and my physical body going through space and time under my own power where I will be able to look at it, think about it and see its place in my life. When I sit in a chair outside facing east in the direction of the spin perfectly still not blinking, I realize that I am 4,000 miles from the center of the earth on the outside of a tree and toon covered pin wheel that is moving not only on axis but orbit and outward cosmic expansion as well. That one brilliant idea makes me realize how happy I actually am no matter the perceptions or pride of any other person being spun with me. I laugh regularly and it is real. The few people around me against the 6.8'ish billion(I do not know the math but somehow I understand the doubling factor) that I call friends and family laugh hard too. Unless they are able to go to Jupiter with me there is no chance that I will miss whatever goes down in this fine Nation. I may get out of here one more time in the near future for some sort of physical challenge landscape transfer but at the rate of the spin that may soon become impossible.

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