Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breaking New Ez

The sun appears to be rising in the North and setting in the North/North West as of Today. This morning I left early, just at sunrise for a 2.2hr U.N. Montero drive to my mountainous destination which was the Kitsuma parking lot at Ridgecrest off of I-40 just before Asheville NC. I think this image that I took out of the window from the immediate north of the Jar is photographic proof that the sun rose in the North this morning. Look at the way the light is hitting the clouds which are nothing less than moving and changing representational landscapes of the emotions that humans have the capacity to feel. More on the Heart Break ride in trace of Dicky, Bill Nye and Skiddaladophy's tracks to follow. Perhaps Leyonce was the Ignitor. I may have one of their plastic Shit, I mean Shot Blocks wrappers that I picked up on Kitsuma.

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