Friday, July 3, 2009

Hip Mountain Wheel Deal

Here is my little buddy in the starting bock at this year's Cowbell Challenge. Rich is checking out the competition and no matter how hard he tries he cannot find anyone who looks as nobby or spiff as he does. For those of you living on Zoltar in a galaxy far, far away Charlotte Bike Messenger icon Rich Dillen is in Colorado about to race that state's first ever Mountain Bike stage race, The Breck Epic. He is traveling with Peter under the care of Moots and apparently they are living large in a huge stainless steel Penthouse over looking the mountains. As it turns out their temporary neighbor is Howard Schultz who wants in on the Dicky Phenomena and has offered to put the picture of his butt into the Worldwide Planogram for all Starbucks stores. Shultz was quoted as saying, "This guy's rakish style and ability to sell is real, we need him, we want him and we are gonna have him or at least his ass on the walls of all of our stores." Peter is acting as my little buddy's defacto council in the deal and is hoping to score one of those huge Barista machines in the contract.
The Team Dicky/Moots/Misfit/I9/Starbucks 'Hip Mountain Wheel Deal' looks something like this: Dicky will be the poster boy for the wheels that you can custom order from I9 in any color combination to match any kit or bike spray job that you could imagine. Peter will continue to confuse Rich with his nonsensical rash emails and as well he will be the Canadian Platform for this material push because there are hip mountain bikers in Canada as well. Moots does not have to do much because they have already done it while Starbucks goes for it by putting Rich's arse on the walls of all their stores around the world. Every one wins, even you the customer who will desire to have some really hip wheels that match what ever you want them to and we all know how important matching is.



Peter Keiller said...


Please cease a desist from future suggestions that imply or infer our participation in activities that concern the buttocks of one Dicky Dillen.

While there may be some truth to a conjoined effort of conglomerational proportions to exploit the visage of the aforementioned superstar, we intend to do so in ONLY a third world child labour sort of way.

Warm Regards.
The Man.

Billy Fehr said...

10-forty niner on that...
uhhmmm please grab me one of those little throw away frames out of the bucket and U.S. Postal it in a bag marked 'Media Mail' which will be a 65% savings in shipping. The BOA stem that I have on my work bike came from a very similar looking bucket of throw away at my local shop.....
You are the man.