Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Semi live from Charlotte

Sorry, I know this stuff is really scary but if I had to see it in my face on the town square yesterday so do you. The only difference is these are still images not moving which makes them slightly less scary which I will try to offset with my commentary.
This one is great, always like seeing ole glory and the cross together just like it was when Jesus was crucified.
I dunno, I have seen this monkey before at this same event and it never gets dull.

This looks how I feel when I am watching this type of agro civic gathering.

Do you think her former ex child agrees?
This guy held his big sign for about 3 minutes, got tired, leaned his signage on the statues base and stood there like he was connected to the whole thing for almost 4 hours!

Another guy doing his part for the well being of America and the Cross.
I am a man and I talk and what I say goes even though I 'm not even sure what I am really saying has anything to do with what is true.
This guy looked at me and said, "Go ahead you can take my picture" I looked right at him and said, "I know I already have a dozen times." He wanted to know who I was with so I told him I was an independent journalist trying to get out the truth about what is happening in Charlotte. He squeezed the white baby, made a face then adjusted his ear muffs with the black baby still in his hand.

A closer look at the white baby, this one is for you Jerry Reed's ghost.


Jordan said...

Ah, Americans doing their part. I love effusive displays of the former ex-dead steaming hot babies. I bet theres 100 cubic miles of those posters burried in the Earth's surface.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Jiminy crickets, that baby's dong is jurassic-sized! The dude should've been locked up for some kind of child pornography charge. But seriously, where can you buy those? I need six dozen. Having the grandparents over for a BBQ next weekend...

Billy said...

Jerry Reed,
There is a church organization somewhere handing these life like babies out to those dedicated enough to actually go in public with one. Maybe you could tell them about your visiting grandparents and they would toss you a few....Glad you picked up on what is going on!