Thursday, August 6, 2009

Giant Angry Drunk Clown Cloud faces Cloud Mountain

A very large thunder/electrical storm rolled in from the south west of Dooleyville last evening and skirted off just to the west and north. It was a very dark presence that filled the northern sky with plenty of cloud to cloud lightening bursts as well there was a cloud to ground strike every few seconds. I decided to grab the tripod and camera to see if I could get some lightening images from out behind the hacienda. After 15 minutes or so the matte gray sky was not really impressing me through the glass and a bit of rain started up under the loud crashes of thunder. I picked up my equipment, turned around to the south and in the wake of the storm moving north I saw the following formations rising out of the southern sky. I knew that the clouds would rapidly change so I started a document that looks interesting to me. All these images were made in between 1850hrs and 1905hrs last night Aug 5, 2009. Look closely, the face of a giant angry drunk clown appears to be blowing wind in the direction of a cloud mountain being lit by a northern setting sun, that's right the sun appeared to be setting in the northern sky.

The first in this series orientates you to the southern sky. For scale the trees are in the frame and rise just above the roof of my nice neighbor's home.60 seconds go by, I move my angle a slight bit to the right and the Giant Angry Drunk Clown Cloud starts to form while the landscape mountain cloud sits in silent stoic fashion to the right.

This close up shows the separation of the 2 cloud formations.
From this angle the angry furrowed brow, air filled cheeks, swollen nose and frowning mouth are apparent.
The GADCC stacked high in the sky.
Notice the keyhole of azure blue between the 2 entities.

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