Monday, August 31, 2009

Hincapie Wins-Zabriskie, Helicopters, Colombians & Cops!

Lap 1-2mins off the front Dave Zabriskie stands up on the pedals over the Col du Altamont. The Colombian Tifosi high on Altamont was having more fun than you could imagine. Notice Diego Garavito from an earlier post holding the Flag on the right side behind the pretty girl.
Sky 4 adding to the confusion.
State Highway Patrol
High on Altamont Rich demonstrates his free wheel track stand.
Earlier in the day we were in Paris Mountain State Park looking for things to yut off of. Yeah I know, yut is not a word.
He took this one of me too scared to yut.
On the descent off of the Col I decided to take this picture of myself just past a house party celebrating the race that was going by.
Yesterday morning Dicky and I headed south and west for Paris Mountain State Park just outside of Greenville South Carolina. After exploring the trail system and terrain of this new place we rode out of the park, traversed the State Park Roads and then headed up the backside of Altamont Road for the summit and a good spot to watch the US Pro National Cycling Championship Race.
First off the riding at the Paris Mountain was refreshing and a very fun place to be. The variance in terrain surprised me a bit. There were short ups and downs that rolled over the top of a decent sized mountain in the middle. We saw 2 large lake trout swimming along the shore in the big clear reservoir on the other side of the mountain. On the way out we ran the DH course which was something with its rock chunder and steep sections.
Once back to the car Dicky changed clothes and I donned my messenger bag. After a few minutes at the transition were back on our bikes riding out for Altamont Road and heading up the climb to find a spot to watch the race roll through. At the summit the Tifosi were already in place lining the road for about 200 meters on down the backside of the hill. I had never witnessed this type of an event before and when the final official cars came through on lap 1 blowing their horns I saw Dave Zabriskie stand up to the cheers of the cycling fans and go over the top. It was interesting to witness so close, the power of a human being inspired by the energy of many. We stayed on the summit for another lap then started the descent to find a corner spot to watch Lap 3 come down and fast. Light rain. Lap 3 flew by and then we headed for the car and 2 hour drive home. Later I found out that George Hincapie won the race and that the Bissell Tent was giving away vacuum cleaners if you could get the stationary bike to a certain wattage.


brado1 said...

Sorry i couldn't meet up with you guys, so what d'ya think of Paris Mountain? Glad you were able to hook up w/ the Tomato.

rachelvanslyke said...

Hey did you get a glimpse of Lake Placid (was swimming in last wkend) ? possibly named after the one in upstate ny or Florida or another place in the world. Good supporting all these folks for their ride.

Billy Fehr said...

Brado-Paris MTN was fun, fast and clean feeling. yup we saw Tomato and he sent me to the Colombians where I turned down an offer from Diego to go to the Hincapie after party. OF course I had to turn him down because he only had 1 back stage pass. Oh well, so what he won....the party must have been hilarious.
Raytch-no time for swimming, perhaps the next time I ride there up in one of those reservoirs would be nice...