Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NC Outer Banks

Bodie Island Light House at sunset the night before last. If you look down low you will see Ms. Arcen drawn to the odd shaped building that was built in 1871 to signal ships long before the whole GPS and Satcom thing. Here we are yesterday on a nature/hiking trail that started on the inlet side of Jockey's Ridge. Mary's head is in the bottom of the picture as she stares out into a little marsh from the foot bridge we were standing on.
Ms. Arcen took this picture of me trying to get into the surf yesterday morning just after a cloud covered sunrise. This desolate spot of beach meets ocean was 120 meters over hummocky sand dunes from where we slept connected to the landscape in my tent.
I will not have much for you this morning. I am sort of 'out of it' after over 800miles in the car plus all kinds of physical transfer since Sunday morning at 0400hrs when Ms. Arcen, Mary and I started our adventure to North Carolina's other treasure, the Outer Banks. I was trying to come up with a way to let you know that these Outer Banks have nothing to do with the ones that you put your money in even though the commerce is close by to the North and South. But for one stretch, 17 miles to be accurate there was a pristine shore line that we found sanctuary on a point called Oregon Inlet.
I do have quite a bit more to show and talk to you about but there is no way I can put it together right now. When we returned last night I went to work for 3 hours and well into darkness with my chain saw and 4(or so) tasty IPA's. While we were gone a roughly 85-90 year old oak tree in the forested public right away just behind my property line fell towards my good neighbor's property and into their back yard. As this tree came down with an explosion that must have sounded like thunder it took out at least four other mature hard woods with it. The debris field and some of the main branches from the original tree took out a portion of my back fence line and a bigger section of the side fence behind my food production and waste compost box. I felt the need even though I wanted to get to work on the B-Log to start the clean up and immediate mending of the obliterated fence which keeps the hounds in. Hey, I spent 3hours after a travel last night mending fences in the dark, how about that.
These half assed night images will only give you the idea. Here is the base of the tree that first came down across the far back fence line. It is hard to judge the scale from the picture but this thing is huge.
The corner and side fence running to the left that was destroyed by the tree fall.
So, come back tomorrow if you have the time and I will share more with you of our little bonding experience and all the little transfers that we went through to see honestly into our relationship with each other. Plus you may find the images from this part of the earth quite telling.

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