Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday Morning Sherman Branch Ride

I took this picture of my bike inside a turn in the trail on Sunday morning near the end of the lake loop just before the little dip. That's all I have today. One picture and a simple trail ride report. 0800hrs Sunday: I headed out to the Sherman Branch Trail Network System(SBTNS) alone since I was not invited on any 'group' rides that had driven up the day before from the greater Columbia SC area to experience these single tracks so close to where I dwell . Never mind the call I did not get to go see the Presbitational Crytickulum either. When I arrived at the trail I saw Rick(Grand Papa Wheelie) from Ultimate who had just finished tending to the various types of modern youth trash that had been left at the picnic table area. Hopefully for some of that stuff he was wearing rubber gloves and a mask. I often try to pick up people's left behind or fallen out of cage refuse that I see along the trail, especially if I have empty pockets or a place for it but I never considered going to a trail with the intent on doing garbage detail. Leave it to all the really nice community folks out there to do something so selfless. I took off in the morning heat and made it twice around the RC and out for the rest of the trail. That is it, nothing really blog worthy to mention happened that is why a I am blogging about it. I stopped once to make the above image and the rest was just moving forward towards the end.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Big apologies BILLY. Hoff crew needs your email so we can avoid these types of "unpleasantness"! kklatte@hawleyusa.com
That is all.

Billy Fehr said...

Nothing unpleasant about the B-Ranch....