Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ultimate Shop Squirrel

Sunday afternoon I dropped by Ultimate Bike in Mathews with my work bike to borrow 2 cone wrenches that I do not own(the new/same axle on my rear hub's cone sizes are different than the old/same), their grease injector and chain measuring tool. I packed new clean grease in my front and rear wheel bearings and then measured my chain which sent the tool-o-meter far off to the left. I replaced the way stretched chain with a new nickel PC-1 and then I went through the bike and tightened every single bolt. My 8mm crank bolts were eerily loose as were all of my chain ring bolts. In the tightening of those I broke off 2. I found the chain ring bolt bin of death equivalents and went to work making the fix. As I was wrapping up with a few small purchases Trent asked me if I had met the new shop mascot.Meet Rosco, the shop squirrel who lives right outside the back door.
Here I caught Rosco recovering a chunk of Milk Bone dog treat from his super secret hiding place.
He pulled out the morsel, had a few bites and the put the rest back in the hiding spot for later.
Then Trent offered another piece of the dog treat that Rosco grabbed with his little squirrel hands.
After taking a nibble Rosco dug a little hole in the pine needles and buried the biscuit piece near the other one under the tree in which he dwells. Rosco and his agents are trying to hammer out a deal with shop management that will put this squirrel on Ultimate's 2010 Team Kit. Stop by the shop and meet this very unique squirrel whose smiling countenance may wind up sublimated on the team's jerseys and bibs next year.

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

hooray for supporting your local bike shop!!!

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