Thursday, August 20, 2009

CMA Breaking/Braking News

Yesterday CMA ambassador Dude graced my comment line with his presence and a stolen lyric from a band that I recognized but cannot remember the name of. This was the first time Dude commented on my B-Log using his real identity however I think I can tag at least 17 other comments to him that he made using the ubiquitous cover Anon. Interestingly enough he wanted me to let you know that he, "Shoulda" put quotation marks around the words with a credit to the musician responsible but he was in such a rush that he forgot. To clear up any potential erroneous assumptions Dude's comment was not his own original thought, it was merely a song lyric that he had heard before and thought applied for whatever reason to my Toast Post. Dude, thanks for the clarification, now if I could only remember the name of that Hip Hop Band.

CMA Breaking/Braking News: Here Dude is describing what it was like to grab a handful of front/only brake and then have the 8" rotor split into 2 ineffective pieces while couriering on the metropolitan streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. Workers' Comp will prolly not cover the expense to replace this part even though the incident happened on the Job. Workers' Comp will however cover any injury that Dude may or may not receive while he tries to get through the rest of his work day without any mechanical brakes and a free wheel.
Those are Team Dicky's fingers that came free from his finger sponsor holding the rotor's sheared off outer ring for display. I suppose that one day one of you Team Dicky stalkers may google, 'who sponsors Team Dicky's fingers' and see this post. Ha ha to you. Dude, your track nuts look rusty and not maintained.
This parting shot shows the true separation of the rotor while at the same time it makes us aware that Dude's shoe laces match the bar tape on his road bike.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

dang, crucial!


dude said...

wtf? hahaha (you forgot to mention the laces also match my rain jacket and my hardtail, guess i like orange...). several cycles of running front brake only everyday with badly worn pads will eventually cause this to happen. in other words, this should never happen... the group is A Tribe Called Quest

Billy Fehr said...

I am glad you laughed.

wv: fuclerse