Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mom and Dad

these are the nicest wheels I have ever had! Over the weekend I set up my new I-9's on 29er Flows tubeless with new Dicky approved 2.3" Rampage front and 2.1" Ignitor rear. It was the first time I used Mr. Bontrager's green slick juice instead of the usual white Stan's liquid. I did not really make a choice it is what the shop had and I am Ultimately pleased with the way it worked. Bontrager green seemed cleaner and perhaps less toxic. On Saturday I tried to get a ride in which turned in to disaster on multiple levels including brake failure and broken saddle. Sunday I was able to get all fixed which left me open to be at Sherman last night where I ran in to the lovely and jovial Ms. Jenkins who belled me up from a few cars down in the parking lot just as I was putting my front wheel in.

Ars was riding new wheels different than the white ones she had on our last ride a week and a half ago. Yea, everyone has new wheels! We took off and as soon as I got in to the Single Track I could feel the advanced auto bike sized technology difference reacting under me. They are stiff, the engagement is instant and those two factors combined on that 29'er wheel give a mechanical confidence unlike anything I have known so far. When I got in the hard packed trail of the Roller Coaster section the speed just picked up. Descending fast, up and down the little rollers down at the bottoms before the up turn left and climb I thought to myself that I had never been through that so fast, this is why they call it the Roller Coaster section!

Blowing through the woods with light trickling in occasionally. Ars and I separated before the Lake Loop, she had dinner plans and I had some more time to kill so I kept on. Before Long I ran in to a Boy Scout Troop that knew my friend Scott Ballsberry, I sent a message with them which may or may not get back to him. I finished my ride and went home for some beans, peppers and onions. I know that a wheel set is just a bike part but these are the finest I have ever had a chance to roll under me. I thank Jeff at Industry Nine for sending me the top end technology that I not only need but well enough deserve. I will ride them far and near!

Enough About Bike Parts, I have to move on my Stay Alive.

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