Monday, January 26, 2009

Still Burning

Allegedly my camera has been fixed and is on it's way back to me with a tracking number from UPS. Maybe I will see it today. The above image is one that I made back on the 15th of August one week to the day after Russia invaded Georgia with tanks and fired missiles into the apartments of the living on the same day(8-8-08) that the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing(the capital of the Corporate Plan of Aggression) were taking place to the oohs and ahhs of a world needing something other than what is really happening to talk about while both GW and V Putin stood shoulder to shoulder in a sky box waving plastic renditions of their country's flags with huge cold calculating smiles on their faces. Clouds like human emotions are very different in constant motion and power.
Weekend Report:
Mountain rides both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday-full dog pace lap with Warrior in Training(WIT) at Poplar Tent. As always it was very refreshing to ride on the Andrews' Property. The trails were in fine condition and the forest seemed noisy with the sounds of dried leaves chattering like the teeth of a hypothermic skeleton in the wind as they sporadically clung to the limbs of their hard wood hosts.

Sunday-2.5hrs at Sherman alone, one way forward twice around the RC chasing bright red cardinals taunting me down the trail and then around backwards to the awkward stares of the masses. Funny how people need to say things even if I am a meter off the trail, yes I saw you way before you saw me. Speaking of seeing. I saw Cranberry looking resplendent indeed in the Maillot Jaune of Mercury Messengers. We chatted for a few about big wheels vs. the little ones and then we each went on our way in opposite directions. Towards the end of my 2nd in the RC I ran into Clint and Eric so I turned around and rode with them back to the bridge before heading out. I appreciate the gift that was left on my windshield, thanks Eric.

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