Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Losers!

I was not planning on doing this but seeing I am immersed in an urban culture of 50 percent spectators I must for I have the moral responsibility. The Carolina Panthers better known to folks in this town as WE apparently lost the big game this past Saturday. I know this not because I watched as if my life or any part of it depended on the outcome but because I am an active courier in the town in which the big loss happened. That means that I am surrounded by the emotional outcome of such a negative event for the city. It started Monday and continued yesterday. The chit chat, the boo hoo, that rationalization talk in the elevators regarding the why's and the shoulda, woulda, coulda's. People are actually rationalizing and justifying OUR(not mine) loss as if the outcome of their lives really would change if the over paid meat heads playing on the field that night would have won while the crowd drank distilled beverages, ate useless nutritional food items and pretended they were drunk and having a great time all the while creating tons more non recyclable trash as if the CHANGE was not coming and there was plenty of room far away to stack it. Rationale thought audible, as if they did something wrong and in their minds must justify verbally out loud in open space which they are destroying with their lack of awareness. Yuck, I say. My fav so far was an experience I had in the elevator bank of 227 West Trade the day before yesterday. Lady and I use that term more loose than Clinton's belt steps off the elevator with tie guy in front of me. In a slow shuffle off the box she is telling him how bad the loss has hurt her and that she was really counting on the win so that the second game(if WE won WE had the chance to host yet another something that did not matter called the NFC Championship) coulda came to town which woulda meant SO MUCH money(IN GOD WE TRUST, how about you?) for Charlotte. Really, you and I, We? As I ran into the elevator I looked right at her and said, "Right and plenty of over flowing blue barrels of garbage waste too!"

None of it matters to you the Panthers spectator. Save your disappointment, your anger, your let down, your tears, your emotions, your NFL flair so that you can wear jeans to work that day, save it all for you will truly need it when the change of cultural awareness catches up to you in your cardboard lives.
Not once in the past 19 days have I heard you chit chatting about your tax dollars headed to Gaza via Israel in the form of WMD's that are destroying and horrifying humans right now, the magical instant before us. Life is good, you remember that you sad poor wanna be rich people.


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