Friday, January 30, 2009

Vicky is Not So Secret

This true story happens every once in awhile when you are me. Every morning I pick up the mail for 2 firms at the US Main Post Office in town. As it so happens there is usually 2 tubs sometimes more, they are each nested inside each other. I make a quick call for a fellow ambassador to meet me at the side door of One Wachovia in 4mins and then roll out to make the drop to them leaving me with the other tub on the bars to deliver 4.5 blocks away. Yesterday after dropping that first one I looked down to see the latest Victoria's Secret Catalogue cover model who I immediately thought was Liz staring right at me. At first I thought Liz said with a smooth tan skinned giggle, "Wow Billy, you are soooo hot!" but then I realized that I was day dreaming in traffic. Pull it together Billy, get out the camera and your newly refurbished mega shutter button, your blog readers need to see this really happens and it does not happen often so document. Then as I continue down the ave the wind blows into the tub, the pages lift turning rapidly creating more distractions for now they are moving and changing as if they are coming to life on the paper before my eyes. Eeek gads, watch out for that jack ass car driver looking at me as if I am not paying attention....

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