Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Day Ride

this year took place yesterday on the 4th. Our annual friend ride tradition(aka Festivus) on or around the first day of the new year continues with a splendid effort into the high country indeed. The night before Nathan called to be one of the many that bailed but the only one that communicated directly that the forecast of on coming rain had dampened his Festivus spirits. Rain, shmain I told him but he didn't waiver from the stance of not wanting to get wet or is it whet? I actually believe that both would apply in this case rather well but onto the story. I woke to pouring rain, wind, thunder and lightening at 0520hrs. As I brushed my teeth in the darkness I too considered calling and using Nathan's excuse of rain but some how begrudgingly continued with my morning rituals and got out the door on time. My Festivus spirit was not going to be dampened. Clint was already at Rich's house standing under the stoop, the bikes were loaded and as soon as mine went on the train was headed for the Andrew's Geyser(which is labeled that way but I think is actually an aqueduct with a nozzle). Bad Idea Racing assured me this was not going to be Bad Idea Riding for he had seen the radar image of the water in the sky and it was not going to rain anymore once we were north of the I-40 corridor. So we got there on time or early because that is how we roll and waited for Eric to get there with Mike Brown slightly late because that is how they roll. Mike, Eric, Clint, Dicky and I took off up for the Christian complex, then to Rattle Snake, then Old Toll Road(double rock laden dirtish track that used to be the flat lander's access to Mt. Mitchell before the Blue Ridge parkway) to the brilliant descent of Heart Break Ridge. What a great ride that just kept getting sunnier with each upward mile. Thanks you guys for being there and I wish you all luck and awareness for the real change that is coming in 09.

My images from the ride, they are not great because Sony Customer Relations sucks dot com which means I still have no shutter button and cannot look through the glass to take the snap. I cannot move with what I am shooting and it is rather bothersome.

check out my Dejay approved tube and tire lever placement Pinnacle overlook entrance

Pinnacle is the mountain to the left, click big and you will see why I toned this image black and white.

Look Nate, no rain....bastard

Eric replenishing his H2O supply from a spring up high that yielded some very fine tasting water. It's taste quality reminded me of snow melt, slightly frozen tasting but very pure to the palate and quite refreshing.

Mike enjoying his newly converted SS

Overlook on Heart Break


Aqueduct out of a nozzle or something the like....


Jordy said...

Rainbow gathering! Now I,m jealous, and I know the penis-revealing Nate is as well.

nathan said...

You realize that I almost died on that trail, don't you?

Billy said...

yes of course we do Nate, the accident actually came up for discussion as we descended the connector where you DID almost die with internal bleeding....that is why we are lovingly busting your stones!!
hope to see you next time you come up with a ride and bail on us!!

Wicki said...

Bill- thank you for the header help. I had to reformat but it was well worth it- the look is much improved me thinks. Still wish you were desert bound for SSAZ.