Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sathyam means Truth in the ancient language of Sanskrit. It is snowing here in Dooleyville and has been since around about midnight. There are a few crunchy inches stacked up on the ground and the trees appear painted in fine New England fashion. The sky is dark and gray, the sun not up yet but with all the white refracting what light there is one can still see. I look forward to this morning Stay Alive commute, it should be a quiet one in a back drop I rarely see. During the time my camera is gone I will occasionally reflect back to some images I have yet to share with you my lovely audience. In this case we roll the blog back to early October and the opening of a Gandhi statue that was commissioned by 'Mr. B' here in the Jar all the way from an artist in India. The statue traveled to the Jar in a wooden box and was put in place under a wrap the week before the Grand Unveiling. I present Exhibit Gandhi:

This was the initial cover that went over Gandhi, it is so half assed that I am guessing a city worker was the one responsible.
kind of creepy
then some of the artist's men arrived to create a tent around him, they brought their own seat
I chatted with these fellows a few times before the unveiling, they were camped out for 5 days keeping an eye on the subject
they were very kind and allowed me a sneak peek under the tent
under the shroud Gandhi appeared alive
I only used the film cameras on the actual day of the ceremony and then came back early in the morning Monday to take these:

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