Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Charlotte is Bike Friendly

This will be the last photo essay from the past for awhile but a goody indeed. I shot this series of dedicated bicycle riders on Commonwealth in front of the Rue de Grit near the corner of Cool and Cool in March of 08. I was on my way east towards the house in the early part of my commute when I ran into this band of dedicated riders who were out earning their merit badges to become part of a new local bike club. Everyone knows being part of a bike club is one of the only ways that one can actually ride a bike, unless of course you are someone with an identity.
Check them out, smooth transition on to their steeds with matching attire.... in my book anyone with a spoke card has to be hard core.....
I'm not sure but one of you may be......
Who brought the tools and how far from home are we?
Wait up you guys I am falling OTB, what does OTB mean again?

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Anonymous said...

Hey c'mon, Bill. They're just honest kids out havin a good time.
What ever happened to good clean fun?