Thursday, January 22, 2009

Found: Lost Crank

photo: B Fehr I found this semi pro level crank and pedal assembly at the 8800 block of East Albermarle Rd along the Albermarlean Traverse in the gutter early one morning not too long ago. The crank is made by an obscure Sardinian Manufacturer who is located relatively close to Italy compared to say Taiwan. If you or anyone you know is missing their custom Sardinian crank and Pedal please contact me and I will ship anywhere in the world even though the cost of shipping will be 10 times the actual worth of the crank. Also please keep an eye out for any cyclist riding around with only one crank arm on. Odds are this crank belongs to him or her and he or she should be then notified about and directed to this blog post immediately. Thank you for your concern.

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