Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jar Snaps

It was quite reassuring to have my camera back in my bag yesterday while I rolled around doing my job. For those of you who have not been in the Jar for let's say the past 6 months or so I have put together this little document of some of the new construction under way and some recently finished.

Lets start with this 100 Block of N College Street view looking up. From left to right these 2 new pedestrian bridges cross from the back side of the BOA corp Center at Flounders(that's right Flounders) Hall to the new BOA Conference Center and Hotel Complex. Every morning I ride directly under these new monstrosities and consider the future when they will be jammed with Buckets marching to and fro.....this BOA construction project is well worth the million a day they must be spending, good times ahead. here we are now one block south on College to the newly opened Charlotte Epicentre which has been built on top of the site where the old Charlotte Convention Center was. During this hard economic time for our country a combined humanitarian project between the city and private business has offered sanctuary with a new facility called Mez(like dez) where your broke ass can come and as adverted eat, stay and play. Life is Good in the Jar. This place should be jammin!
right around from Mez is this corridor of intelligent design where you can walk down the faux cobbles and shop in the quaint Euro Market or dine and drink in celebration of what a great life you have here in America. You must understand that as authentic as this new old street appears it is not. I had to really get in there shoulder to shoulder with all the real people to make this picture, the crowd enjoying this new section of town was overwhelming.
Another pedestrian bridge and a reverse angle view of Mez where you can eat-stay-play. Notice the newly installed Black Finn Tuna dining facility where regular Americans with or without a job can dine for about 50 American In False God We Trust Units a pop. Life is Good while we go through these tough times as a Nation together.
My personal Fav-The soon to be open 50million Dollar project that is at least 20 million over budget of city tax payer monies that I did not vote for....Ladies and Gentlemen I present the now and future NASCAR Whore-o-Fame. That's right more money well spent so that everyone except me and you can have their hands in it. This place when open will offer tons of diesel transported meat from birth to the grinder and on your plate as well as plenty of styro waste to fill the dumpster on the daily all for the low, low price of whatever you have in your wallet and soul. I cannot wait for this one to open for if it is still holding together I plan to bring you photos of real Americans living the real American dream. The huge hotel behind the Whore-o-Fame is there to support the masses as they venture from prolly around the globe to come and see authentic NASCAR artifacts......


AloneTogether said...

always good times in the jar!
what is the nascar thing?

im scared of all of it.

i will stay hidden in my mountain village.

Billy said...

I am not exactly sure what the NASCAR thing really is other than another decoy/distraction for Goo-Fi the masses to assume other than what is really happening in the now all around us. Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

you sound a little bitter

Billy said...

Apparently you must not be able to hear my voice for bitter is not the emotion I am trying to convey.