Wednesday, January 7, 2009


2 days ago I created this follow up pictorial from last weeks story about the QC's fine big balls that always make their way out for the Hooliday enjoyment of the towns folk. Just as balls need to come out for display they also need to be taken apart and transported by diesel burning transfer truck to Wachovia's(yea, yea I know Wells Fargo's, whatever) warehouse in up state New York where they will be stored until Halloween when they will loaded back up and make their way south yet again for another big ball display. I have seen these balls for the last ten years, they are always the same and in the same place.

Run ladies, these huge balls are not anchored anymore, besides those big hooks and caps have been removed leaving gaping holes on top of the balls.
"Yo, can you pass me the large tape?"
The Big Ball Supervisor obviously has his 3 big ball employees professionally managing the safe packing of the 3 big balls.
"For real?. We are going to be on Billy's Blog wrapping, touching and moving these humongous balls?, For real?" The fork lift to the left has been pro level modified to be able to move the huge balls without damaging them, no detail has been forgotten in an effort to keep the balls happy and safe. The balls are theoretically treated better than the homeless in town as well as the cab drivers and bicycle couriers.
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to ball wrapping we go.....
Not only are these balls grand but that is one hell of a large roll of bubble wrap.

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