Friday, March 20, 2009

Know When To Fold Em'

I see your cute sleeping kitty and raise you foster smittens 1 thru 4..... The blue eyes of Monroe.
McFly-a true survivor who crashed a few days into the foster and was saved by Doc Syska and the fine folks at the emergency Vet. Check out his shaved neck where the meds went straight into his aorta then his heart that fateful morning.
Dervish-the red headed step child in all literal sense. This guy was a 2 week older loner from another litter who was thrown in with the original 5 others all starting with the letter M.
Monroe-with those eyes.
Mouser-the fiercest player in the bunch.
This was indeed an up and down emotional foster ride that began 22 days ago. The litter including the red headed step child started out as 6. McFly soon crashed, was saved, then was released back to us. 2 days later Minnie and Milk began to succumb to the infection and we had to rush them back to the Humane Society where they went under care of the staff, leaving us with 4. Milk passed to death and the inner light transfer 2 days later and Minnie at last report was not doing so well. These abandoned creatures are tiny and susceptible to sickness. The abandoned domestic animal problem in our region and country is way bigger than you could ever imagine. I will be taking these healthy litter trained kids back to the Humane Society of Charlotte tomorrow. If you or anyone you know is in position to adopt or become a foster house please let me know. These animals DO NOT NEED MUCH BUT THEY DO NEED YOU.

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