Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adventure Half Day-The Reality Movie

Gun Shots Rang Out Like a Bell, I grabbed my 29'er and Ran Like Hell.....
Here is the confession Style self shot vignette that I made on Sunday while riding my mountain bike in the Badin Lake Recreation Area of the Uwharrie. Please take the 2mins needed and share in my shape shifting inner and outer body emotional transfer.

A section of horse damage, what you do not see is that the chundered surface was not soupy at all, looks can indeed be deceiving.

The Sidis my little buddy gave me a few short months ago failed on this ride and left me with an awkward feeling of little human tooth sized quartz crystals under my toes. At the time I wish I had a pair of those new Hilfiger, I mean SwiftWicki arm warmers that I could have stuffed in the hole in my toe box.


Boots said...

youre a fuckin nut! hahaha....i was on the floor laughin the whole time WILLIAM!!!

Billy Fehr said...

You got it!