Tuesday, May 26, 2009


For those of you out there that have been patiently waiting to see the NASCAR Americana TOON fest in the Downtoon(foot note:Boots) area of the Jar you will have to wait just one more day. I have documented quite well the "All you can see and do for the whole family!" at Charlotte's Speed Street 09 and I am still finishing the dozens of composition edits that are needed to get them up here for you. My work should be finished by sunrise tomorrow and then you can see the true liberties that makes our country so great by default of the direction the corporation is pointing us backed up by one hell of a Military Industrial Complex with really fast Fighter Planes. It will be a true sad story indeed, starting with this Yellow Ribbon(American Symbol for Remembering our Troops) in the grit tray outside the Main U.S. Post Office that I walked up on the morning of the official start of Speed Street. These next few were the first ones I made on Tryon as NASCAR does its best to stop the forward movement of a dedicated courier with an over sized SUV.
Fortunately Paschal who was the CMA's 08 Rookie of the Year 2nd place Runner Up managed to out skill the large, slow lumbering SUV and get on with his work.
Paschal was drawn to the large screen with the colored lines because he thought that if he could kick off the silver trailer and air up into the screen he would be on Boots' blog.
Then he realized that he could not risk getting on Boots' blog with work in the bag so he rolled through the next 5 blocks of sprawl and delivered his job like a pro. Great job Paschal, you beat NASCAR!

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