Friday, May 15, 2009

Power Meeting

Bicycle Couriers will tell you that part of the two wheeled liberty that they enjoy is that they never have to go to meetings. I mean it's not like we work in a parts distribution center or some other cooped up institutional compound whether in the 'Industry' or not where meetings are as frequent as the day dreams those workers have about being bike messengers. The other day I was invited to attend this circle up 15 minute 'meeting' with the owner(right) of the business that has given me the chance of a life time and our liaison at one of the firms that contracts our bicycle courier service. It was a great meeting indeed some 220 feet off of Tryon Street, the view was splendid. We did not really come up with any 'big things' on the horizon but the horizon was clearly visible for our visual cortexes to take in which was much further away than the view from the street. When the short meeting ended I was asked if there were any other issues for priority negotiation/resolution so I pulled out my camera and my co-meeters obliged. The colors of the Empire on my Atmos are clearly visible representing where I sat during this Semi Corporate plan of Non-Aggression.

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brado1 said...

Great photo.

speak to the helmet b!tches!