Wednesday, May 6, 2009

400th Post-Raytch is Real

Please take the time and listen, really listen to this original musical creation!

What can I say, this is the 400th time I have let one go from my morning session with Dr. Bloggy. I present to you not just a video but a passionate expression of physical and emotional transfer created by none other than Rachel VanSlyke. I shot and edited this film few weeks ago at the Pickens South Carolina Azalea Festival where we travelled to celebrate Ms. Arcen's Birthday and to surprise Raytch. You guys remember, last summer the girl I met who was in the Jar riding from Miami F-L-A to Montreal Canada on her self supported musical bike journey. She camped here in Dooleyville for a few days during BillyPalooza08 and then 7oo miles north she pitched her tent in the yard that I grew up in, in North Eastern Connecticut. This unassuming female artist is a T-Total bad ass and you should get in contact with her via her Web Site or her bloggy and buy her 13 Dollar CD today. She would love to hear from you and if you tell her that Billy sent you I am told she will seal the package with a kiss!

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